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Unlike certain other clubs, Rangers made easy work of their League Cup opponents from Fife. What’s more, we weren’t even at home! Rangers travelled to Methill to take on an East Fife side who had done well to make it to the knock out stages. Our players had to contend with blustery conditions and a poor pitch, but true quality shone threw on a cloudy Sunday afternoon. But some players who needed to show that they are worth a first team place maybe didn’t do what they needed to do.

Wes Foderingham – 7
Faced up to a couple of shots well, and was able to spread the ball around well despite the afore mentioned factors at play. Interested to see if he remains in goal for the quarter final against Livingston, whether he will be our League Cup keeper at the very least. I’d say he deserves it, can see improvements in his game.

Matt Polster – 6
I don’t think anyone can question Matt’s work rate, he looks keen to make the right moves and I think he has the right idea a lot of the time. However, too often I thought he got in the way, and his crossing was not great at all. He may well be one of a few players we have who simply cannot handle playing on a plastic pitch.

George Edmundson – 7
Aerial challenges were no real issue for him, and he did fine when it came to distribution. He was wise enough to not try the long diagonals as they would likely end up in the sea. But unlike the lad who kicked that ball away, you can’t be critical of anything ‘Ed’ did here.

Filip Helander – 7
Up until the first goal, I thought Helander was having a game where he was adjusting to the surroundings. I felt that a couple of decisions he made led to his teammates having to overcompensate, but as soon as he played that lovely pass to Defoe for the first goal he seemed to feel much more like the thing. I think it was very generous that he was awarded the second goal, but always credit him for being in the right place at the right time to contribute to the goal. Comfortable afternoon, will be interested to see him start a game on a better surface against a Premiership side.

Andy Halliday – 5
This was a very bad game for Halliday. Gave the ball away far too many times. Offered nothing positive in an offensive sense. Frankly, he looked like a guy who woke up not feeling too well but decided to carry on and play because he was going to wear the captains armband. Had he made a mistake that led to a goal then he would be marked lower, so there is that, but it is becoming very clear that what we really need now is a new left back, as no one who has featured there yet has made it obvious that shirt is taken.

Greg Docherty – 6
I saw someone say during the game “is Docherty trying too hard?” I thought that was an interesting question and looking back I can see why it was asked. He looked like a player who needed to show his worth, and to be honest the pressure looked to have got to him a bit. The fact he was subbed off is very telling I think. A fairly average display.

Glen Kamara – 6
From the sublime of Thursday to the ‘meh’ of Sunday. Gave the ball away a few too many times, and seemed to saunter through the game knowing that this is not a big time game. That’s all fine and well, but it is big for our opposition, it always is, so when you choose to play like that then you are likely to be caught out. 

Joe Aribo – 8
It’s all becoming quite common now. Once again, Aribo was able to glide past challenges like it was nothing too him. Also, his control of the ball was remarkable when you take the wind into account. Surprising that he played the full 90 minutes, but it meant he grabbed the third goal, showing yet another side of his game, determination. He continues to excite.

Greg Stewart – 6
These are the kind of games that Stewart was signed for. Chance to rest other wide players and you are confident that he will have enough about him to evade this level of defender. He didn’t produce much, and to be fair a lot of that was down to lack of support and service. However, slightly worrying that he could not string something together off his own back, and like Docherty, being subbed off is a bit significant in my eyes.

Jermain Defoe – 8 – Man of the Match
You would be forgiven for worrying that Defoe might struggle against big, burly lower league defenders. Well, actually no, you wouldn’t be. You’re an idiot if you think that. Jermain Defoe is still an English Premier League quality striker. Look at the way he sets himself up for his goal. He takes the pass from Helander, drags it into the ideal spot with his first touch, sets his shot with his second touch and produces a quality finish for his third. At a time when we had maybe given East Fife a bit more time on the ball then what we would want, to score at that point settled nerves, and the rest of his game was just as threatening and he was unlikely not to add to his tally.

Jordan Jones – 7
Let’s get this straight. Anyone who thinks Jones dived in the first half is wrong. The defender clearly pushes him, and even though you see some player able to ride a challenge like that, JJ had every right to go down, and should have won us a penalty. His game as a whole was decent, made good darting runs down the left. All I would say, I wish he would cut inside sooner and try a shot, I think he would be able to get double figures for goals if he cracked that side of the game.

Andy King – 7
Great to see him feature in a Rangers shirt, and a couple of times I thought his quality was obvious. Exciting to see how often and where he may feature, but it was a decent start to his Rangers life.

Brandon Barker – 6
Another debut, but less joy gained for him as the pace and ability to get passed defenders was not quite present here. He may take a bit more time to settle into the winger we know he can be, but he will be well worth the wait I’m sure.

Heart & Hand’s Own Jake “Kieron” Hastie – 7
It was a brief cameo but nonetheless our very own showed flashes of why there is chat that he has proven to the management team that he can be a squad player rather than be put out on loan. I love his running and willingness to simply attack.

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