Meet the Podders

David Edgar

Pod Overlord. Been going to Ibrox since 1986. Scotland's Leading Protestant 2005-2010. A firm believer that you gotta sin to be saved.

Ian Hogg

Passionate about ruthless efficiency and steak. Likes a good tackle, dislikes (unlike Bill Leckie) walks in the rain.

Cammy Bell

Lover. Father. Mentor (all to the same woman). Founded podcast, made it what it is. Best friends with Kevin Thomson and Clint Hill. Once you've had the Black Skull, you don't look back.

Scot van den Akker

Season ticket holder since 85/86...father of two...husband of one....hosts nothing but ruins much. Puerile, petulant, pompous, preening. Dutch Destroyer.

Alex Staff

Annoyingly optimistic cunt, allegedly.

Adam Thornton

Season ticket holder since 1994. Hosts the Tactics Talk podcast on the Patreon site. Looks like a turtle without a shell. 

Andy McGowan

Season ticket holder since 1985, bus convener extraordinaire - no party songs or drinking please.

Stuart McColl

Season ticket holder since 2000, best friends with Michael (Mikey) O'Halloran. Try to pod when not parenting.

Martyn Ramsay

Podder, conductor, bloody good rep. Apparently part of the "intellectual elite". Following Rangers for over 30 years, you'll now mainly find me living in the glory years or in the EPL.

Dave Marshall

Hack. Drinker. Lover.

James Forrest

Voice you could punch but a face you could...also punch. Fan of burnable clothing, lover of football and so far not much else. And no, not that one!

Steven Harrigan

Hair of an 18 year old, voice and body of an 85 year old.

Jack Shaw

Definitely not a Tipster.

Colin McMillan

Likes Kanye West, really likes Morrissey but loves Lorenzo Amoruso.   Hosts Top of The Flops. Had a season ticket on and off since 1997.

Chris Bett

Season ticket holder from 1998-2012. Gave it up after his ex forgot to take her contraception pills. Now full time father to 2. Gets to Ibrox when he can. Hosts Bett on It on the Patreon site. No I'm not Finn Balor.

Gary Spence

Former goalkeeper and mullet sporter. Currently overweight and balding. Attended first game in early 90s. Season ticket since 1996. Hosts ‘The Number Ones’.

Iain MacLennan

Heart and hand's resident Highlander. Attended his first game in 1996 and season ticket holder since 2011. The events since then might just be his fault. Host of the ‘Our Ibrox Home’ show on Patreon.

Gary Morris

Self confessed pop tart and 25 yr season ticket holder. Currently presents Around The Grounds and when not watching Rangers can be seen watching WWE or attending gigs.

Ross Adair

Overseas Bear from East Kilbride, currently in The Wild West. Endeavors to contribute to H&H, occasionally pulls it off! (wahey).