Seagulls – Week 12


Massive 14 points last weekend from Ross McClung catapulted him up to 3rd place in the Seagulls table. James Stirling still leads the way from Declan Cairns as we hit the third International break of the season. Martyn narrowly outperformed the boys with his 9 to their 8 and now sits in 5th. Time yet…

James Stirling74
Declan Cairns71
Ross McClung69
Michael Elliot66
Martyn Ramsay63
Andrew Jamieson63
Quinton McKay62
Callum Coull62
Duncan Mck61
Christopher Donnelly60
Ross Edgar59
Graeme Hendry58
Ross McAdam58
David Edgar57
Colin Simpson57
Craig Mitchell56
Rory Finlayson55
Keiren Hastie55
Stewart Thomson55
Jamie Muldoon54
Euan Third54
Derek Eaglesham54
Ewan McAdam54
Dene Brooks54
Grant MacLean54
Tom McDavid53
Ian McHuchison52
Craig Black52
Davie McDonald52
Craig Montgomery51
Jamie Low51
Jack Shaw51
Andrew Cunningham51
Gary Muirhead50
Roy MacKinnon49
Alex Oliver49
Paul Beckett49
Kieran McGrotty49
Scott McKenzie48
Alan Waddell48
Lewis Wardrope48
Sandy Maclarty47
Fraser Kernohan47
Steven Elder47
Alan Fraser47
Ross Burnett45
Robin Wemyss44
Marc Patterson44
Scott Lackie43
John Graeme Patterson41
Callum McCulloch41
Callum MacKenzie40
Andrew Paterson40
Andrew Heaney38
Calum Finlayson37
Amanda Stewart33
James Crews32
Callum Gordon32
Dale McLatchie32
Gordon McCool30
Gary Morris29
Bryan Eadie28
Mark Wilson24
Stuart Meechan24
Ian Duncan19
John Conway14
Steven Robertson13
Joe Soap10
Scott McDonald10
David 9
Lee Elder9
Scott MacKenzie8
David Booth7
Charles Sharp7
Caulm Finlayson7
Ally Mair7
Calum Brown6
Rod Graham6
Alistair Steel6
James McTeer5
MC Penman5
Chris Maxwell4
Andrew Cairns4
Andy Fullen4
Andrew Mathieson2
John Porteous2

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